Gloria serves up tasty carrots

How swiftly the summer days are passing! School is already starting this week. We enjoy living next door to our little parochial school. This year there will be 22 scholars and 2 teachers. Our 2 1/2-year-old daughter Julia loves to go outside and watch them play softball at recess time.Each morning during the academic year the men and boys in our church take turns going to school to share a brief devotional and have prayer with the teachers and scholars. Julia and I enjoy going wit...

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School is in session; fall is just around corner

Summer seemed to go more quickly this year, even quicker than most, for some reason. Maybe it seemed that way because the temperature was cooler than usual this year. It almost seems like we didn’t have a summer and now Labor Day is upon us.School has started and the kids are busy with homework and friends. It is another school year in progress.

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Lower natural gas prices benefit local governments

The services provided by local governments are very important to our communities and that is why we have spent considerable time in the legislature to reduce their costs of operations and provide them new ways to save tax dollars. In particular, the recent growth in Ohio’s gas industry has lowered natural gas prices for all Ohioans including the community and township halls in western Ohio.The positive effects of natural gas on households around the state and in western Ohio ...

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Fair of 1971 revisited

Several years ago we got an aquarium for Christmas. Then a few months later we got another aquarium. Then a few years later we got rid of both of them. I enjoyed having those aquariums, but I enjoyed not having them even more.Since then I have successfully avoided raising fish of any kind, until the Great Darke County Fair of 1971.Every year the children would throw ping pong balls at little goldfish bowls and miss. That was the one concession where I didn’t mind g...

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Run, Spot, run

The fair was over and school close on its heels. A new notebook, a couple of No. 2, yellow pencils, a new pad of lined paper. New, long, white sticks of chalk sat in the tray at the blackboards.We were ready for school, and school was ready for us.In those first years of school, we started the year with a big, fat, black pencil and paper that was more grey than white with fat lines to accommodate the fat pencil. Our desks were ages old. I remember sitting at a desk that actually ha...

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Keeping our children safe

The back to school rush is now in full-swing in my home as I’m sure it is in yours as well. It never ceases to surprise me at how quickly this season comes and with how much must be done.This August I will have two children attending universities here in the state of Ohio and another in high school. Over the next week, my family and I will be collecting last minute school supplies and familiarizing ourselves with the school campuses and talking about how to remain safe walkin...

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Good roads?-Of course! Pay for them?-Not!

It is an absolute certainty that working in a public service related to infrastructure is at best challenging, and at worst totally frustrating.I was reminded of this by reading the results of last month’s national AP-GfK poll which revealed that a majority of Americans believe the economic benefits of good transportation outweigh the cost to taxpayers, but they cannot agree on how to pay for new highways or the repairs of old ones.Six of ten people surveyed said t...

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August is slipping away

Time to recover from the fair food and watch August slip away. Another fair has gone into the record books. The new cattle barn is certainly a nice facility. The weather was decent and there were lots of smiles. Nice to see familiar faces in the crowd.Dr. Sherry Adkins will soon be here to serve New Madison and the surrounding area. Family Health is now accepting patients for Dr. Adkins.During this fall and winter she will be housed in a temporary trailer facility. The c...

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Life’s three great questions

There are three questions that every human being, at one time or another, will think about. Some people will give them nothing more than a passing thought during their lifetime while others will think about them constantly. I think most people are somewhere in between, usually thinking of them at around the times of life’s major events. The three questions are: 1) Where did I come from? 2) Why am I here? 3) Where am I going when I die (some people will phrase this question, ...

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Rejoice in the Lord

In the New Testament book of Acts, chapter 16, we read of a time when Paul and Silas were in prison. They have just cast an evil spirit out of a girl who made quite a bit of money for her owners as a fortune-teller, and her owners were pretty ticked!In retaliation, they had Paul and Silas, stripped, beaten, and locked up in the most secure prison cell, their feet in chains. There appeared no way out of this situation; there was even a jailer guarding them. Now…without a doubt...

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What is your gift?

The question of personal or spiritual gifts or talents is often confusing. Folks often want to understand more about the gifts they might have and how to use them. Perhaps more important to some is the question of “what will be expected of me if I discover my gift or talent?”One of my favorite sources of illustrations is the comic strip Calvin and Hobbes. In one of the strips, Calvin is talking to Susie (remember, his arch enemy) about a test they had just taken.

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Flower Show at the Great Darke County Fair

The first flower show at the Great Darke County fair was outstanding! Fair Board Superintendent Dave Niley greeted the judges before the first show and thanked them for coming. They traveled from throughout the state of Ohio, north, south, and east and the judges relayed to him “This is the best county fair flower show in the State of Ohio”. Dave was appreciative and gave all praise to members of the Darke County Association of Garden Clubs. I could be a little prejudice but havin...

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Arcanum Farmer’s Market still going strong

Arcanum Farmer’s Market on Saturday mornings at Veteran’s Park will continue through yet this weekend. The vendors have had excellent items to choose from and I’m sure you’ll want to get some garden goodies and other homemade things before they are all gone.

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Annual festival comes to an end

Hope everybody had a good time at the Great Darke County Fair. I did for the most part, especially when people came up to talk to me and introduce themselves to me if I didn’t already know them.Jim Brandon, Roberta Rogers, Galen Pearson, Muzz Pierron and Tom Butts, to name a few, were faces from the past who I waved or talked to at the fair. And, as always, that’s enjoyable. It brings back memories and that’s good fo...

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Cheaters never prosper

A young man named Murphy applied for an engineering position at an Irish firm based in Dublin. An American also applied for the same job. Both applicants had the same qualifications and were asked to take a test by the department manager.Upon completion of the test, both men had missed only one of the questions. The manager went to Murphy and said, “Thank you for your interest, but we’ve decided to give the American the job.” Murphy said, “And why would you ...

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