The All American Beard Off celebrates No-Shave November

Heather Meade

November 30, 2013

ARCANUM - October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and it gets a lot of hype, but November is a month to raise awareness for cancers that commonly occur in males, and one local company is supporting that with a national contest, the All American Beard Off.

‘No Shave November’ is a way to raise awareness for cancers by “embracing our hair, which many cancer patients lose, and letting it grow wild and free,” according to no-shavenovember.com.

The All American Clothing Company, a national retailer for American made clothing, had originally decided to go with this internally, not making a big deal about it, said Logan Beam, director of marketing and communications.

“It really started out as just a fun thing to do…cancer is always doom and gloom, so it’s nice to be able to put a fun spin on it,” said B.J. Nickol, president of All American Clothing Company. “It started out as a fun way to add energy to a good cause.”

However, Barbasol, another Ohio-based manufacturer, took notice and contacted All American to team up for a national No Shave November beard-off, Beam stated. Once it became a national contest, Beam said he reached out to Mountain Man of Duck Dynasty, whom All American had worked with in the past.

On their website, AllAmericanClothing.com, Mountain Man gives his tips for growing the perfect beard; and men can send in photos of their efforts through Nov. 30 to be entered to receive prizes, Beam said. They’ve already posted several submissions for public viewing, Beam commented.

Mountain Man will also be calling in this Saturday for a radio chat on WTGR to talk about Small Business Saturday, between 10 a.m. and noon, Beam commented. All American will also be on the air with WTGR to talk about the importance of shopping locally, shopping small, and supporting fellow small businesses, said Beam.

“We’re proud to support our local businesses, even though we’re a national company,” Beam noted after reporting that All American has many of their shirts printed locally with Arcanum businesses. The warehouse facility, located on Pop Rite Drive in Arcanum, employees 13 and puts out more than 89,000 items each year, Nickol reported.

All American Clothing will be participating with Arcanum’s Christmas on George Street this Saturday, handing out popcorn and interacting with local residents, Beam stated.

“Getting involved with local events and organizations is important,” said Beam.

“We care, and we want to help out local businesses, organizations and others as much as we’re able,” Nickol added.

All American has recently opened a local showroom to display their American made clothing line, said Beam, which will be open for Small Business Saturday, he noted.