Victoria Horsley

December 26, 2013

I live in Union City, Ind., and I have been enjoying the beautiful lights, downtown and at Harter Park also. The park is ablaze with lights of all colors as lines of cars drive through the park to enjoy. My family and I have enjoyed the shopping downtown this Christmas season, as well. The atmosphere is joyful and quaint. People shopping are pleasant and friendly, as well as the shop owners and employees are friendly and helpful. It’s a feeling of family and of city pride. My daughter works downtown at The Corner Cupboard and has expressed how much she is enjoying the Christmas Season at the store.

Families are gathering to celebrate Christmas. Enjoy your time with family and friends. Enjoy the smiles and laughter. Remember to give Thanks and to share your blessings with others.

Remember to visit family members and friends as often as you can. It doesn’t have to be a holiday to visit or call. Our lives are busy these days, but we should always remember those whose lives have slowed down and who wait in their homes for cards, letters and who look forward to visits. It can be a lonely time and sad to think that their families members are too busy to visit or call them. Recently, a member of our family remarked to us that his family members very seldom came to see him or brought his great grandchildren to see him. He said that he understands because their lives are so busy. Life is different now than it was when he was younger. Our family members should not have to make excuses for us. We should never be so busy that we can’t make a phone call or visit our family members. Let’s put those important appointments at the top of our list. Write the visits down in your appointment book or calendar, anything it takes to make them happen. Time passes and we will not always have the opportunity and will wish we could make a visit or call to someone who is no longer with us. Remember, also that someday we will be the one’s waiting for visits and calls.

The visits will benefit you too; the stories and events of their lives are priceless and need to be passed on from generation to generation. I wish as a child I had written down the things that my grandparents had told me so that I would have the details. I thought that my memory would serve me well, and didn’t keep records. My grandma warned me that I would regret not writing things down. Very intelligent woman!

Enjoy the Holiday Season!

Mark your Calendars for these Events:

Harter Park - The spectacular light display, which boasts over four million lights, with Additional lights added each year, will be open nightly through New Year’s Eve. Hours are 6 to 10 p.m. Vehicles may enter from either drive off of Jackson Pike on the east end of the park only.

There is no admission fee; however, donations will be accepted at the gate. Donations will benefit local groups who have volunteered to welcome visitors and also to continue the Christmas display in the future.

Christmas Break:

Randoph Eastern Schools —Christmas Break from Dec. 23 to Jan. 3

Mississinawa Valley Schools— Christmas Break starting Dec 23 and ending on Jan. 2

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