Terror bugs

By Christina Chalmers

December 29, 2013

We need to address the problem of bedbugs. This is a problem that is affecting many landlords and tenants.

In order to get rid of these bugs it is going to take both the landlords and tenants help. Many landlords are refusing to treat the buildings leaving the tenants to try to rid the bugs themselves. What the landlords need to know is this is not due to being dirty or a fault of someone. Many are invaded by bringing them unaware through purchases. They like to hitch rides to your home and then make it theirs.

Carnegie Hall had them, Aeropostel had to shut down stores to treat. If the landlords refuse it is a losing battle just as only treating one apartment will be. Shared common walls are a haven for them to pass from one place to another. Most are not aware they have them thinking they are getting bit by fleas or spiders.

This is a serious problem if not addressed will become a nightmare for families. The stigma of them causes embarrassment and anxiety. Maybe there is something the state can do to help. Maybe a subsidy or grant to buy systems to kill them.

There are new ways on the market such as cold, using carbon dioxide through a wand that produces dry ice and freezes on contact, safely and can reach into small cracks. It can be used in outlets and furniture.

The one thing landlords need to realize, if people know there was problem in your building no one is going to rent from them. If we can make it that people have access to what is needed and getting the building treated, it is possible to rid our community of these terror bugs.

Karen Tedore