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Shirley Dubbs

January 5, 2014

Frigid days are here as football heads into the home stretch for the pro teams. As this is written, the Bengals have not played. Sounds like the temperature will be tolerable for my guys at the game Sunday. They dress for the event!

Time for school to resume and already the news programs are talking delays and cancellations for schools already back in session. However, that is better than chancing country roads with icy patches.

Besides scooping away snow, we have been catching up on reading, watching movies and napping. Winter has its own tempo when the weatherman says ”storm warning.” Some of our friends have traveled south but Cincinnati will be the furthest south we venture.

It is also a good time to respond to some of the notes and cards we received over the holidays. There is time to actually send more than a greeting and signature. It is always good to hear from those who have moved away and established new lives with family and often with sunshine. I did phone Lucille Fourman and she sends greetings to everyone. Lucille sounded like her spunky self.

We had few gift returns this year. We found the clerks very calm and friendly. We didn’t go for the first few days so perhaps there was time to adjust to bags coming back across the counter. It has to be frustrating as people search for the best alternative to the returned package. My hat is off to all clerks at return desks.

One gift received was a bottle of wine and it introduced us to a growing business that local people ought to visit. And hopefully the word will spread and bring in more people searching for local wineries. The Kennedy Vineyard is located at 3911 State Route 722. It is a l0 acre site with grape vines and blackberry bushes growing. It is a week end business right now but if you are interested, call 273-8381 for times when the ”store” is open. The web site is www. kennedy-vineyard.com. Thanks Barry and Gwen Tinkle for introducing us to the vineyard as we celebrated the new year.

The American Legion is back in session and there is a pancake and sausage supper at 5 p.m. Jan. 19. The Legion reminds the community that burger and fries are offered at 5 p.m. Thursday and Karaoke is always on Saturday from 7 to 11 p.m. Also weekly, the euchre parties are held on Friday evenings at 7 p.m. The good thing about these activities is staying in town! Especially with the current weather trends.

Coming up will be chicken suppers on Feb. l and the Sweetheart Supper on Feb. 15. Circle those dates for good food.

Time to make resolutions and that probably means counting calories and hitting the workout plan or walk schedule. Most resolutions fall by the wayside so maybe the truest thing to do is act now while the idea is fresh and worthy of doing and then if it wanes, at least there was some gain for a month or two. Also we can spend some of this winter time sorting and organizing (does that count as exercise?), re evaluating what we can plan for 2014 and just enjoying the warmth of home when we don’t get out as much.

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