Versailles girls swim team remains undefeated

Staff Report

January 13, 2014

VERSAILLES — The Versailles High School girls swim team won a swim meet on Saturday.

Team scores were: Versailles 160; Dayton Carroll, 117 and Greenville, 29. The Versailles girls are undefeated so far this season.

The results for Versailles High School are as follows:

200-yard medley relay: 1st place, Rachel Subler, Ashlyn Cordonnier, Abbey Marshal, and Lexi Fliehman, 2:00.42; 3rd place, Breana Winner, Heather Albers, Caroline Prakel, and Hannah Wenig, 2:10.58; 4th place, Emily Kramer, Katelyn Platfoot, Lauren Heitkamp, and Gabrianna Mescher, 2:17.66; 8th place, Alyssa Barlage, McKinzie Kruckeberg, Shelby Winner, and Sarah Gigandet, 2:35.78

200-yard freestyle: 1st place, Lexi Fliehman, 2:07.96; 3rd place, Murphy Grow, 2:18.16; 6th place, Gabrianna Mescher, 2:33.56; 7th place, Lauren Heitkamp, 2:35.38; 10th place, Katelyn Platfoot, 2:40.22; 13th place, Kori Oliver, 2:51.21

200-yard IM: 1st place, Abbey Marshal, 2:24.90; 3rd place, Ashlyn Cordonnier, 2:27.38; 5th place, Caroline Prakel, 2:43.86; 7th place, Emily Ruhenkamp, 2:58.63

50-yard freestyle: 1st place, Amber Seibert, 26.20; 3rd place, Rachel Subler, 28.00; 4th place, Hannah Wenig, 28.38; 7th place, Emily Kramer, 29.88; 12th place, Sarah Gigandet, 33.45; 16th place, Taylor Stover, 34.06; 18th place, Shelby Winner, 34.09; 20th place, McKinzie Kruckeberg, 34.73

100-yard butterfly: 1st place, Hannah Marshal, 1:07.77; 3rd place, Heather Albers, 1:14.91; 7th place, Janelle Mangen, 1:23.53

100-yard freestyle: 2nd place, Ashlyn Cordonnier, 59.74; 3rd place, Abbey Marshal, 1:00.88; 9th place, Lauren Heitkamp, 1:08.38; 10th place, Emily Stammen, 1:11.25; 14th place, Taylor Stover, 1:17.03; 17th place, Alyssa Barlage, 1:22.67; 19th place, Sarah Gigandet, 1:25.69

500-yard freestyle: 2nd place, Murphy Grow, 6:20.40; 3rd place, Hannah Wenig, 6:21.83; 5th place, Gabrianna Mescher, 6:43.24; 6th place, Breana Winner, 6:50.55; 10th place, Kori Oliver, 7:41.88

200-yard freestyle relay: 1st place, Hannah Marshal, Rachel Subler, Abbey Marshal, and Amber Seibert, 1:48.76; 3rd place, Murphy Grow, Caroline Prakel, Emily Kramer, and Hannah Wenig, 1:58.40; 4th place, Lauren Heitkamp, Emily Ruhenkamp, Janelle Mangen, and Emily Stammen, 2:03.13; 8th place, Sarah Gigandet, McKinzie Kruckeberg, Taylor Stover, and Kori Oliver, 2:15.87

100-yard backstroke: 1st place, Hannah Marshal, 1:06.86; 3rd place, Rachel Subler, 1:09.95; 5th place, Emily Kramer, 1:13.67; 6th place, Breana Winner, 1:14.66; 9th place, Emily Stammen, 1:25.62; 10th place, Shelby Winner, 1:26.25; 11th place, Alyssa Barlage, 1:29.40; 12th place, Janelle Mangen, 1:34.34

100-yard breaststroke: 2nd place, Amber Seibert, 1:12.54; 3rd place, Lexi Fliehman, 1:16.91; 4th place, Heather Albers, 1:19.26; 5th place, Caroline Prakel, 1:22.67; 7th place, Katelyn Platfoot, 1:30.93; 8th place, Emily Ruhenkamp, 1:31.23; 10th place, McKinzie Kruckeberg, 1:38.39

400-yard freestyle relay: 1st place, Ashlyn Cordonnier, Hannah Marshal, Amber Seibert, and Lexi Fliehman, 3:54.93; 4th place, Breana Winner, Gabrianna Mescher, Heather Albers, and Murphy Grow, 4:36.26; 6th place, Emily Ruhenkamp, Katelyn Platfoot, Janelle Mangen, and Emily Stammen, 4:50.62; 8th place, Kori Oliver, Taylor Stover, Alyssa Barlage, and Shelby Winner, 5:29.06

The Versailles High School swim team is coached by Penny Cromwell, Travis Fliehman and Ed Ruhe. For more information about the swim team, visit its website at www.versailles.k12.oh.us, click on Athletics, click on Schedules and click on Swim.