Versailles boys swim team wins Coldwater Cavalier Invitational

Staff Report

February 4, 2014

CELINA — The Versailles High School boys swim team won the Coldwater Cavalier Invitational on Saturday.

Team scores in the unofficial Midwest Athletic Conference meet were as follows: 1st place, Versailles, 218; 2nd place, Minster, 76; 3rd place, Coldwater High School, 65; 4th place, New Bremen, 46; 5th place, Fort Recovery, 30; 6th place, Marion Local, 18.

Four meet records were broken.

Mitchell Stover broke the meet record in the 100-yard fly and 100-yard backstroke. Stover swam the 100 fly in 52.75, breaking the previous meet record of 57.79 set by Brandon Meyer in 2012. Stover swam the 100-yard backstroke in 53.53, breaking the previous meet record of 59.91 set by his brother, Matthew Stover, in 2011.

Mitchell Stover, Michael Marshal, Cole Albers and Andrew Kramer swam the 200-yard freestyle relay in 1:33.22, breaking the previous meet record of 1:36.06 set by Sam Subler, Andrew Kramer, Cole Poeppelman and Sam Prakel in 2013.

Mitchell Stover, Michael Marshal, Cole Albers and Andrew Kramer also broke the 400-yard freestyle relay meet record. They swam the event in 3:28.85, breaking the meet record of 3:31.75 set by Mitchell Stover, Cole Poeppelman, Andrew Kramer and Cole Albers in 2013.

The results for Versailles High School are as follows:

200-yard medley relay: 2nd place, Quincy Baltes, Jacob Rose, Harrison Detrick, Richie Ware, 1:59.44; 6th place, Cole Schlater, Mitchell Paulus, Kyle Dapore, John Marchal, 2:23.10

200-yard freestyle: 4th place, Mitchell Harshbarger, 2:28.00; 6th place, Tyler Rose, 2:43.00; 7th place, Mitchell Paulus, 2:44.44; 8th place, Kyle Dapore, 2:45.50

200-yard IM: 1st place, Michael Marshal, 2:24.25; 2nd place, Harrison Detrick, 2:27.09; 6th place, Zachary Heitkamp, 3:09.38

50-yard freestyle: 1st place, Andrew Kramer, 23.37; 2nd place, Cole Albers, 24.50; 6th place, Richie Ware, 26.59; 8th place, Cole Schlater, 28.35

100-yard butterfly: 1st place, Mitchell Stover, 52.75; 2nd place, Michael Marshal, 1:03.50; 4th place, Quincy Baltes, 1:08.09; 8th place, Harrison Detrick, 1:09.75

100-yard freestyle: 1st place, Andrew Kramer, 51.84; 6th place, Richie Ware, 1:00.18; 10th place, John Marchal, 1:05.50; 11th place, Zachary Heitkamp, 1:09.15

500-yard freestyle: 2nd place, Jacob Rose, 6:40.90; 4th place, Mitchell Harshbarger, 7:16.85; 5th place, Cole Schlater, 7:25.53

200-yard freestyle relay: 1st place, Mitchell Stover, Michael Marshal, Cole Albers, Andrew Kramer, 1:33.22; 3rd place, Harrison Detrick, Tyler Rose, Quincy Baltes, Richie Ware, 1:47.86

100-yard backstroke: 1st place, Mitchell Stover, 53.53; 3rd place, Quincy Baltes, 1:11.78; 9th place, Kyle Dapore, 1:30.31; 10th place, John Marchal, 1:32.56

100-yard breaststroke: 1st place, Cole Albers, 1:06.78; 3rd place, Jacob Rose, 1:16.63; 5th place, Tyler Rose, 1:18.62; 7th place, Mitchell Paulus, 1:29.00

400-yard freestyle relay: 1st place, Mitchell Stover, Michael Marshal, Cole Albers, Andrew Kramer, 3:28.85; 3rd place, Kyle Dapore, John Marchal, Mitchell Paulus, Jacob Rose, 4:33.62; 4th place, Zachary Heitkamp, Cole Schlater, Mitchell Harshbarger, Tyler Rose, 4:37.25

The Versailles High School swim team is coached by Penny Cromwell, Travis Fliehman and Ed Ruhe. For more information about the swim team, visit its website at www.versailles.k12.oh.us, click on Athletics, click on Schedules and click on Swim.