Valentine’s Days make memories

By Linda Moody lmoody@civitasmedia.com

February 14, 2014

DARKE COUNTY - The day of love and romance is here, with sweethearts of all sizes, ages and shapes expected to receive gifts from their better halves, partners, spouses and special friends.

The Daily Advocate asked a few Darke countians about their celebration of Valentine’s Day. What has been their favorite gift, a memorable Valentine’s Day in their life or any other event they want to reveal.

“I think the greatest gift I could ever get and which I have gotten every year is a another day of life to be not only with my sweetheart but to be with all my kids and all of my grandkids whom I love so very much” commented Linda Burnfield of Ansonia. “There just couldn’t be any better gift than that accept that that might be the day that everyone gives their life to the Lord and maybe we would have world peace.”

“I really only having one special thing, and that being every year no matter how old. My grandma always gave us a little something each year,” commented Julie Warner-Price of Ansonia.

Susie Baumgardner Francis of Greenville remarked, “Every year, we [she and husband Gary] just get each other a card and some candy and try and spend the day together. That’s all I need.”

Glenda Miller Williams of Union City had this to say: “It was two years ago Valentine’s Day actually….I got the most beautiful dozen long-stem roses and vase delivered with a very romantic card, dinner out, motel with hot tub. Eww la la…a romantic night I’ll never forget.”

“When [husband] Don and I were young, we, like most young couples we didn’t have too many extra funds,” stated Carolyn Hartzell-Waymire of Versailles. “He brought me one red rose (no vase). That was one of the sweetest gifts he could have given me. I usually do not show my emotions, but, you can bet I cried on that one. He saved his snack money for a dozen roses but like most men didn’t have a clue as to price. I think of that every Valentine’s Day. Before we were married he got me a dozen roses. The one rose meant much more.”

“Mine would have to be way back when I was in grade school,” said Bob Baker of Ansonia. “We made boxes and exchanged cards. It was so wonderful of a time. We had no worries and pressure in our lives. It was so great opening up the cards and seeing who they were from. As I sit here today age 60, I wish I could go back to those simpler days in life and enjoy them all over again.”

Jana DeBord of Ansonia remarked, “My most memorable Valentine’s Day happened when my husband, Don, and I had been married for several years (before kids). I had worked all day and came home expecting a present. I had left him a present before I went to work. Well, when I got home all he could say was, ‘Fix me some dinner, I’m hungry, what’s for supper?’ I was so mad at him for forgetting. When I opened up the refrigerator to get him something to eat, there was a dozen roses, a card and a box of chocolates. I started to cry. It was great! We will be married 30 years this June.”

“Valentine’s Day was never a very big deal when I was younger,” remarked Marilyn Peterson of Union City. “My favorite one I got from a good friend, the front of the card said, ‘Do I want you for my Valentine?’ Opening the card up, there was a babble head teddy bear on a spring. Under it said, ‘NOPE!!!’ I really laughed at that one.”

“The neatest gift I ever got was an unexpected gift from your cousin, Greg [Moody],” said Susan Mills of Rossburg. “I came home from getting groceries and there was a gift on the table for me. I opened it and it was the prettiest necklace. I really enjoyed the surprise and love him lots.”

Shaun Soward of Greenville had this to say: “Anything that’s shiny. Actually, a new pair of shoes is an awesome gift.”

Heidi Linebaugh of Union City recalled, “There was a Ford tractor that Daniel had as a boy that was in the barn at his parents’ house and they took it to Iowa for me to a restoration place in Dyersville and it took seven months until I got it back and gave it to him on Valentine’s Day 2005. He displays it proudly. A toy tractor…all I could afford.”

Theora Rismiller of Rossburg said that the birth of her great-grandson, Brayden Freeman, six years ago was probably the most special Valentine’s gift she ever had.

“He’s quite a guy,” Rismiller said. “He’s a little more reserved, but a great little fellow.”

Another area woman, who asked to remain anonymous, posted this on Facebook, surely bringing a smile on the faces of a lot of readers, “So I walk into Kroger yesterday and through the Valentine’s section. I sadly thought, ‘Awe… I’m not gonna get flowers or candy this year.’ Then I laughed as I also thought to myself, when did I ever?”

Flowers and chocolate may be the most anticipated gifts for Feb. 14, but most sweethearts plan to give the gift of dinner this year, according to the latest Investor Pulse survey from Spectrem Group’s Millionaire Corner (www.millionairecorner.com).

Only 30 percent of survey respondents say they plan to buy flowers this year, and even less (15 percent) plan to buy chocolate. What they are planning to do is buy a card (63 percent) and go out to dinner (65 percent). Other stereotyped, yet unlikely plans include buying jewelry (6 percent) and taking a weekend getaway (9 percent).

Overall, three out of five respondents plan to celebrate, so restaurants can anticipate large crowds today. And the biggest romantics appear to be young married couples – 64 percent of marrieds will celebrate, compared to 41 percent of non-marrieds, with likelihood lower for older respondents.

Couples have been known to exchange such gifts as other edible treats in addition to candy, stuffed animals, wine and other personalized presents. The ideas are endless for those in need of an idea before getting with that loved one today.

Faith United Methodist Church in Arcanum is planning a “Parent’s Night Out for Valentines” on Saturday from 5 to 10 p.m. The church will be providing free child care so parents can enjoy a night out without their children as a gift of Christian love. The children will get a light meal and snacks and get involved in games, crafts, story time and movies. Those interested may contact Don Taylor at 692-5765 for registration information.”