Auditor of State delivers award to district

By Heather Meade

March 25, 2014

GREENVILLE - Carla Surber, treasurer for Greenville City Schools, and the Greenville City School District, was one of approximately 5 percent of public entities in Ohio to win the Auditor of State Award with Distinction, said Auditor of State Dave Yost when he visited last week to present Surber with the award.

“Usually, when the state auditor comes knocking at your door, it’s not great news,” Yost joked. “This is refreshing. I appreciate the excellence, both financial and educational, that occurs in this district.”

To qualify, a public entity must have clean and accurate record-keeping, meaning Greenville City School District’s audit came back with no findings for recovery, material citations or weaknesses, significant deficiencies, Single Audit findings, or any questioned costs, the auditor’s office declared.

“I’ve been involved in finance the better part of my life, but somehow when it’s tied to children, it’s much more gratifying…This award is a tribute to all the fine people in our school system who work to bring us to financial excellence,” Surber stated. “They fulfill a great responsibility to the children of this district, and it shows in their actions. I only wish everyone who contributed to this could be in the picture as well, because it extends throughout the district, through their acts and deeds.”