Flowering memories prevail

By Charlene Thornhill

April 29, 2014

Flowers have a powerful effect on people. Fresh flowers are used in our home all year round, especially on our dining table where we take the time to slow down, enjoy the company and the food.

When we go on trips, we are always drawn to the small gardens areas enjoying the flowers that are placed near a dining table or on a stand while you wait. Bringing nature inside brightens the room or hall way in which they are placed.

A spot we enjoy vacationing offers a café with outdoor seating with beautiful trees, gardens, and water gardens. We look forward to it each visit – plus the fried green tomatoes! They have stunning vases of flowers and charming small gardens that welcomes you to relax, spend some time and enjoy.

As Mother’s Day approaches, I reflect on all the beautiful flowers at this time of year and how lucky I was to have such a wonderful mother. When I was a little girl, we didn’t have all of the florists we have today. So mother either received the hand-picked bouquet or a small annual flower, usually provided from our Sunday school. I can remember the days of giving mother a hand-picked bouquet of flowers from our yard – sometimes they composed of dandelions and Johnny Jump Ups but she loved them.

Mom’s love for flowers, gardening, nature and artistic designs has played a major role in my life. We experienced a lot of good memories with my mom. At one time, Mother wanted to become an accredited judge for The Ohio Association of Garden Clubs. Requirements were she must attend six two-day schools and be tested after each school on the information provided at the schools. She studied plant names with common names and botanical names. Everywhere we went, the clipboard was on the dash of the car and we would go over and over the plants. I would give the common name and Mother would try to spell the botanical name. We had so much fun – so many laughs. After those six schools, she passed her test and was a wonderful OAGC judge. Those names have still stayed with me. Plans for this fall include my teaching one of those classes to students on horticulture and small gardens.

Mother and Dad went with Donn and me on several vacations and boy, do we have good memories there! My dad was a total ‘trip’ (as the young kids would say today). He always had some comments that kept you laughing. Mother would always have the picnic basket on her lap in the back seat of the car with road food for everyone. Dad’s favorite snack was apples so Mother always had apples and a paring knife close by. That paring knife came in handy when we stopped somewhere and Dad wanted to take a start of some plant or gather seeds.

Maybe you know of someone who would enjoy a bouquet of flowers this Mother’s Day. Or maybe just a simple remembrance to someone who might not have children. It’s the simple things that make life special and create lasting memories that will live in the hearts of people forever.Pin It

Treat Mom with lunch or dinner and make her special the entire day!

Charlene Thornhill is a volunteer citizen columnist, who serves The Daily Advocate readers weekly with her community column Along the Garden Path. She can be reached at chardonn@embarqmail.com. Viewpoints expressed in these opinion pieces are the work of the author. The Daily Advocate does not endorse these viewpoints or the independent activities of the author.