By Bill Scofield

June 11, 2014


Several things. This may not be the best time to write about employment with many out of work, I do have some ideas.

First, stop voting for these anti-capitalist, anti-business politicians. There is nothing wrong with making money, nothing wrong with making a profit. Also I do feel that the minimum wage laws discouraged businesses from having internships, apprenticeships. What right does the government have to tell businesses how much they must pay their employees? Minimum wage is nice if you have a job but I feel it also keeps many people including the handicapped from getting on the ladder, so to speak.

I have mixed feelings about labor unions. On the one hand they protect your job but I do know of situations like “Hostess,” where jobs were lost. Also union dues should be kept in the union and not given to politicians. Also we need to repeal Obama care. Also why is it necessary for employees to be be in the insurance businesses anyway?

Employees should train their own workers instead of having the schools and others train them.

I am a human being, not a human resource.

I attended two meetings with handicapped people last summer. At both meetings they took surveys to see what the handicapped were concerned about. The one concern was having a job.

This is not a call for more government programs. It is instead a call for businesses and employers to get off your duffs, take a different attitude and hire the handicapped.


Bill Scofield

Union City, Indiana